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Helping Ocean Scientists

Supplying small and efficiently crewed ships that are suitable for coastal and near-shore research projects

“Knowledge of the oceans is more than a matter of curiosity, our very survival may hinge upon it.”

– President John F. Kennedy, March 1961, Message to Congress

Advancing Science At Sea

Right now, there are not enough suitable ships available to meet the demand for science at sea. Smaller coastal projects are contracted to poorly equipped commercial vessels or are using large ships rather than more efficient and cost-effective smaller vessels. Many times, such projects are just not happening at all. 

The backlog of science requirements at sea is considerable and will only increase as the effects of climate change and ocean degredation become more evident. GMSO plans to be there with its fleet of professionally manned, appropriately equipped, and efficiently designed research vessels.

During my time as Deputy Under Secretary for Operations at NOAA, it became clear that there was a real gap in the availability of mid-sized and smaller support vessels.  Mark researched this problem during that time and has now provided the solution. -David Kennedy, Former NOAA Deputy Under Secretary for Operations, NOAA’s chief operating officer and top career official. 



Photo credited to G. Mark Miller.

Oceanographic Research Vessels

Efficiently Sized, Professionally Staffed

As the U.S. fleet of research vessels has grown in tonnage and complexity, so too have the operational costs passed on to scientific research projects. GMSO aims to make ocean field studies available to even the smallest of budgets.

Smaller Ships

Smaller ships at 60-110 feet. Fuel efficient, yet highly capable for most coastal or smaller science operations.

Smaller Crews

2-5 ship’s crew. 

4-12 science crew.

highly Capable

5+ days of continuous operations offshore.


Efficiently designed vessels and appropriately equipped to keep costs low for small scientific budgets.


Most science equipment can be supplied as well as qualified scientific crew upon request.

“Understanding our oceans has never been more important for our prosperity, security, and well-being. Advancing science at sea is critical to this, and Mark has charted a course to do this in the most efficient and affordable way possible.”

– Tim Gallaudet, Ph.D., Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.), , Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Deputy NOAA Administrator

Expanding Ocean Research

Creating opportunities for all scientists and explorers


The United States lacks a sufficient number of available research vessels to meet the demand from scientists. GMSO provides ships to enable research among all types of organizations, including:



Educational Institutions

Graduate & Post-Doc Studies
Instructional Fieldtrips 


Private Research

Non-Governmental Organizations
Privately Funded Exploration
Environmental Studies


Humanitarian Rapid Response

Similar capabilities for ocean research and humanitarian rapid disaster response.

Pre-positioned small, capable vessels can deploy anywhere in the world within hours/days outfitted with multibeam sonars, cranes, and dive equipment to support survey teams to clear harbor approaches to docks; arial drones for hi-definition imagery to inform government and NGO response; small inflatable boats to rescue people from isolated shoreline or shallows; satellite communications for local EMS coordination with large scale response; and/or, lights, generators and water-makers for small scale support until the main responders arrive. These are active vessels that can be diverted from research projects in these rare emergencies.

Ukraine operations

Partnership Opportunities


GMSO desires to partner with private companies and NGOs to advance science at sea during this crucial time in history.

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Photo credited to G. Mark Miller.