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About Our Vessels

GMSO is assembling a fleet of small research vessels (SRVs), 60′ to 110′ in length, to meet rising demand for marine and coastal data collection around the country. We believe there is a level of flexibility and an economy of scale afforded to government, academic, and non-profit institutions contracting highly capable, regionally operated third-party SRVs.

Streamlining Research

GMSO ships prioritize what is most important to scientists at sea: 


Experienced crews that are well-mannered and understand scientific process.



Respect for the process that supports scientific integrity.


Scientific shipboard equipment that is capable of supporting the majority of fundamental ocean research.


Enjoyable sleeping and living quarters. Reliable communications ashore. Good food. 

Water Column

Small Boat Operations

Our Capabilities

Scalable Support

The GMSO fleet of small ships is intended to provide scalable platform support for your at-sea science requirements. SRVs meet all regulatory and operational requirements for chartered scientific operations, including:

  • Communications, technical and logistic support for 4-12 scientists.
  • 24/7 operations to at least 100 nautical miles offshore.
  • Oceanographic winches with armored conductive cable, J- or A-frames for over-the-side instruments and remotely operated equipment.
  • Small boat and autonomous unmanned vehicle launch and recovery.
  • Flying bridge observation stations.
  • Exterior wet lab space for initial processing of physical samples.
  • Interior dry lab workspace for electronics and additional data processing.

Coast-to-Coast Availability

GMSO has the capability to efficiently conduct most coastal and estuary studies at sea. We also have the capability to support projects further offshore. Examples include:

  • Sperm whales surveys at the 500-fathom curve in the Gulf of Mexico: SRVs can transport scientists to photo-document, biopsy, and small launch sampling.
  • Wind farm bottom habitat studies: GMSO can support multi-beam and towed visual surveys of potential offshore sites.
  • Harmful Algal Bloom: GMSO offers fully equipped SRVs to conduct annual HAB assessments in nearshore waters.
  • Insular territorial waters: GMSO SRVs can be positioned in the extended US EEZ and capable of operating around remote islands in the Western and Central Pacific as well as the ocean gyres between.

The Complete Package

GMSO professional mariners have prior experience in the fleets of NOAA, UNOLS, or U.S. Coast Guard. GMSO is a responsible environmental steward and anticipates operating solar-augmented hybrid vessels, sailing vessels and biodiesel powered vessels. GMSO can provide additional science equipment, as well as seasoned technicians and scientists through collaborative agreements.

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All Photos on this page credited to G. Mark Miller.